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Approaching or in Retirement

Retirement Planning | Bendigo |Contrarian Group Financial Planning

Most of the finance industry in Australia focuses on people in the workforce accumulating wealth for their eventual retirement. However, very little focus is given to helping people actually retire.  The last few years leading up to and actually in retirement are absolutely critical. They’re generally the time when your savings at their highest point and hence the most sensitive to any market movements. 


It’s also one of the most critical times to have a financial plan because there’s so much going on. 

  • Will you have enough income to meet living expenses and will your money last long enough?

  • Will you be able to easily access your capital?

  • Are your Centrelink entitlements being maximised and tax minimised?


These are all things we’re able to help our clients plan for and manage. Being able to assist our clients with these matters in a clear and concise way so that they can enjoy the things that they’re passionate about, are the reasons why we have so many retiree clients.

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