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Independent Financial Planner Bendigo | Contrarian Group Financial Planning

Who We Help

We’re for people who seek a valuable, long-term relationship with us as their trusted partner. We’ve found we work best with people that are:

Time poor or have better things to do

People that are time poor or have other things in their life they’d rather be doing such as travelling, pursuing hobbies or spending time with family rather than managing their finances.

Goal orientated

High achievers and people that are driven to succeed and don’t like to leave things to chance are a natural fit for us.

Aware of their circle of competency and limitations

People that are happy to leave things to the professionally trained experts rather than attempting to do it themselves.

Keen to stay involved

People who don’t want to give up complete control and want to stay involved but seek a trusted partner to guide them.

Retirement Planning - Financial Planner - Trigger (Who We Help)
Liquidity Events - Financial Planning - Inheritance- Trigger (Who We Help)
Divorce - Widowed - Financial Advice - Trigger (Who We Help)

Trigger Events

There also tends to be certain trigger events in people’s lives that lead them to needing financial planning advice.  Whilst not always the case, we’ve found most of our clients come to us because they are:

Approaching or in retirement

Liquidity event  

Recently divorced, separated or widowed

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