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Who We Don't Help

We’d love to be able to help everyone. However, we’re keen to practice what we preach – that is to live well balanced lives full of purpose and meaning.  As a result, we’ve found we can’t work with people that:

Have Less than $400,000 of investable assets

(includes superannuation)

We’re only interested in helping people who we can provide value to that far exceeds our fees charged. Unfortunately, for people with less than $400,000 of investable assets (includes super), we’ve found this difficult.  However, feel free to contact us to discuss your situation and we can figure out if we may be able to help you.  If not, we’ll happily point you in the right direction.

Expect us to outperform the market

A lot of people in the finance industry have made a living out of letting people think they can outperform the market. The truth is, after fees very rarely is this achieved.    Our job isn’t to provide you with the latest stock tip or make you an instant fortune. Our job is to help you prioritise, set goals and put plans in place to live the life you want.  Managing investments is only part of this process and when it comes to investment management we don’t kid ourselves – no one can outperform the market over the long term (after fees).  Those that say they can, have a vested interest – something we’re all about avoiding. Rather, we focus on an evidence-based investment approach, that is free of spin and minimises fees.

Constantly compare themselves to others

We don’t care what your neighbour, family or friends are investing in and we certainly don’t care what sort of returns they’re getting. We’re contrarians – we’re happy to go against the herd.  All we care about is helping you achieve your goals.

The way we provide advice is different to most other advisers. It also means our investment approach is different.  We don’t go chasing returns and we certainly don’t care what returns other people or funds are getting. We don’t say this to try and get off the hook or not be held to account. On the contrary. Everything we do is with purpose. We approach investing from a goals view point. All we care about is trying to provide certainty in our clients lives.  If our clients succeed in meeting their goals, we succeed.

Want the lowest fees going

We pay close attention to fees and aim to reduce them as much as possible. The fact that we’re not aligned to any product providers makes this task a lot easier.  However, unfortunately we cannot work for free and having a layer of fees for professional financial advice means that we will never be cheaper than non-advice based investments.  If you’re simply after the cheapest fees, we suggest you look at industry super funds, for they are excellent at catering to the masses. Rather, we focus on providing a tailored approach, customised to your needs. It just so happens that our advice fees are at the very most in line with the financial planning industry average and are significantly cheaper in the case of people with more than $750,000 of investable assets. However, the way we operate is anything but average.

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If we’re not for you, we’ll help you to find a financial planner to assist you.

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